Welcome to M34 Capital, Inc.

At M34, we are committed to commercializing the most promising technologies seeded by federally funded research.

We are a private investment company that practices a disciplined, evidence-based approach to define innovative business models capable of delivering new products and services that can positively impact the way we live, work and play.

Our Investment Strategy

M34 Capital founders understand the risks associated with developing new and innovative ideas. We have pioneered the principles of the lean startup approach to accelerate and improve the efficiency of the commercialization of new technologies.

Our team has built and financed dozens of companies from inception, successfully scaling many of these ventures to profitable exits, including numerous IPOs and acquisitions. We know there is much more to building a successful company than just having an innovative product and promising technology. That is why we focus our resources on building the infrastructure necessary to efficiently and effectively scale each company while delivering real value to their customers.

What We Look For

We are not traditional seed investors. Rather, we are active and engaged co-founders who seek to get the most promising opportunities from the lab to the market. We bring to the table decades of entrepreneurial success and experience, offering seasoned perspectives. We seek individuals who share our desire for exploration, who are intellectually honest and have insatiable curiosity, who have the ability and the desire to systematically test their assumptions in the real world. We believe that the best entrepreneurs have the ability to blend technical insight with market-based feedback, allowing their innovations to mature into a successful company. Even our name evokes this passion. M34 is short for Mach 34, the speed that an object needs to achieve to escape the gravitational pull of the earth. Our goal for all of our companies is to achieve a successful liftoff from traditional forces that hold most new ventures back.

Partnering with M34 Capital

The reason we exist is simple: we are interested in starting new companies that have core technology with the potential to positively impact our lives. Our typical seed investment ranges between $250,000 to $500,000. We want to be the first external capital invested, and work closely with the founding team to help refine their business model and create the framework to systematically demonstrate its full potential.

If you are working on spinning a technology out of an academic or research lab and believe you can have a significant positive impact, we want to hear from you. Please contact us at info@m34capital.com and provide a draft of your current business model canvas.